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The purpose of a consultation

All acupuncture therapy needs to start with a consultation. During this, you will need to share your medical history, get a physical examination, and a TCM – traditional Chinese medicine inspection, and your tongue and pulse will be checked. During the inspection, I will ask many questions regarding your health and lifestyle behaviours.

Find the cause of problems

Together we will try to understand what the imbalances in your body are, what causes them and what you need to change in order to improve the situation.

Treatment plan

I will build the treatment plan and figure out how can I stimulate your energy in the right ways for maintaining balance. Then I will gently massage acupuncture points, insert needles and add one of the empowering treatments to get the most optimal results. The needles stay in your body for 20 minutes.

The treatment

During the acupuncture therapy, you will enjoy a wonderful feeling that is called “De chi” and means that the treatment has started to work, the energy and the blood are flowing better, biological & chemical changes are taking action, and your body & mind are creating harmony between the systems.

You will feel complete and relaxed the night after your treatment and will sleep “like a baby.” As part of the healing, your body and mind will need to rest.

Pain relief

Acupuncture can treat almost any kind of pain, for acute- short term situations we can improve the pain very quickly. For chronic problems and stubborn pain situations, we will need to add more power to the treatments and repeat them a few times until the problem gets solved completely or significantly improves.

Acupuncture and TCM the traditional Chinese medicine theories can improve significantly and cure a wide range of conditions that combine the nervous system, immune system, fluids, blood, hormones, emotions and the activity of the body’s different systems at the energetic field.

Getting pregnant with acupuncture

Getting pregnant can be difficult, even during a fertility process such as IVF, IUI or ICSI, fertility cannot always improve. Acupuncture can help you to make the fertility process go smoothly. With years of experience, Dikla Keshet specialized in pregnancy acupuncture, by reducing stress and creating more balance in the body, she has helped many women become pregnant by improving their fertility. Schedule an appointment for professional guidance in getting pregnant with acupuncture.

Floating Review Template1
  • Dikla is professioneel, verstaat haar vak, en de behandelingen hebben mij enorm geholpen (veel meer dan ik vooraf had bedacht). Ook voel je je er altijd welkom. Ik blijf hier zeker terugkomen.
  • Ik ga al een tijdje naar Dikla en ben heel erg blij met de sessies. Ze luistert goed naar wat je nodig hebt en denkt met je mee. Ik raad haar aan iedereen aan!
  • Bij Dikla voel je dat je in goede handen bent. Ze heeft veel ervaring, stelt je op je gemak en probeert het maximale te halen uit elke behandeling. Ik kan haar zeker aanbevelen!
  • Heel blij met het resultaat van de behandeling. Ik ging er wat sceptisch in maar voelde echt verschil en mijn specifieke klacht is uiteindelijk verholpen. Dikla luistert goed en gaat vervolgens kordaat aan de slag met de behandeling.
  • Ik ben blij dat ik door Dikla wordt behandeld, alleen bij de eerste behandeling voel ik al verschil, heel erg geholpen. Bedankt lieve Dikla.